Ballast: An electrical device used in the starting and power regulation of a fluorescent fixture.

All replacement parts are non-returnable/non-refundable. Lithonia Lighting replacement parts will not work on non-Lithonia Lighting products.

The ballast in your fixture is warranted by the ballast manufacturer, not Lithonia Lighting. To obtain a replacement, look on the ballast label and locate the manufacturer and model number. Then call the manufacturer at the number listed below. Please have your model number ready before calling.
Accupro 877-346-7571
Advance 800-372-3331
Bodine 901-853-7211
Keystone 800-464-2680
Magnetek/Universal/Triad 800-225-5278
Osram 800-654-0089
Radionic 773-804-0100
Robertson Transformer 800-323-5633
The ballast manufacturers listed below can be ordered through the Contractor's Desk at any Home Depot or Showroom Order Desk:
Tospo (TP120 - 1/26 or 1/13 UPL)
Energy Pro (TLE 54 or 72)