Finish & Model

259White (no trim) 11957

Quarter Sphere Sconce

Simplicity with a milk-white diffuser in choice of white, black, or sandstone trim. If no trim is desired, the Quarter "Puff" style is available.


Actual Size: L: 13-7/8" W: 6-7/8" H: 3-1/2" Ballast Type: Standard MagneticFor residential use only • Normal Power FactorRequires (2) 13 watt compact twin tube Energy-efficient fluorescent • Low operating costLight output equals: This fixture provides light output equal to (2) 60W incandescent bulb(s).


Save $96.00 in energy and bulb replacement
Operating 3 hrs. per day at $0.10 per KwH over the life of the fluorescent Vs incandescent bulbs.